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*public* Sanji's b-day, dS download

Happy birthday, Sanji! (Belated, now. I'm sorry for not getting to you in time, hon.)

OOC: I figured I should take advantage of the fast internet connection at school to do important things. Such as making available episodes of due South for everyone to download. Because it might not help much, but knowing the show will make parts of Kohza and Vivi's conversations less cracked as hell. Or not, cause, Kohza. But it's a good show, and worth watching, so: Due South - 1x00 - Pilot. (And the Ray in this one is Ray V, Kohza's Ray.)

I'm planning on just putting up a few of the better/slashier episodes from each season right now, and given enough time I might try to get them all up. If anyone is interested, that is.

And Sherry (or anyone who has seen the show), do you have any suggestions/requests about which episodes? (definetly doing Victoria's Secret, Some Like It Red, Burning Down the House, Mountie on the Bounty, and Call of the Wild)

Oh, and here's an overview of the show.
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